About Me

Hello, I am assuming that if you are coming to this blog, then it is because of one of two reasons.  Either you know who I am, or you do not.  You know of my story, or you are oblivious of it.  It is OK if you are either of the two, because I am here to help you now by relaying the information that I am gaining on a daily basis,

If you do not know my story, please view this thread on GodlikeProductions.com or view this Youtube video on my account.  I have relayed a ton of information to all of you already.  All of this information, my background, the plans, you can find either on my Youtube Account or on that thread on GLP.

Basically, I was recruited by the Illuminati, and I was a member for 47 years.  However, I left the Illuminati for personal reasons.  Now, I feel it is my duty to relay my knowledge to you.

I still have sources inside the Illuminati who are relaying me new information every single day.  The plan is beginning to be put into place.  The time is coming.

I feel the duty to educate all of you about the Illuminati, the New World Order, and the plans for all of mankind.

I seek to do that on this site.

Please view the thread linked above and the video as well.

Also, please join my mailing list by subscribing on this blog as well as emailing me at walte1944@yahoo.com

Stay tuned for updates


  1. TELL ME WHAT THIS IS. Do they actually recruit like this or is it something else? http://illuminati-order.com/index.html

  2. You have aroused my curiosity. Id love too here what you have too infom us on.

  3. If what you said were all true to facts. Then 3 things, how can you proof or are there proofs that these are actual facts? Why all this illuminate groupings at all, when they just want to start a war or finish off a country when they can always empower North Korea to take the rap? Won't your life be in danger if you're actually exposing them openly?

  4. Thanks for everything you revealed to us who don't like the illuminati and it stands for.We are very appreciated. One thing I should add that all those people are going to die in hell fire when GOD comes cause they are all doing Satan's work. They are all killing innocent people, May GOD have mercy on they're souls when they die. Thanks for everything and GOD BLESS You always repent always because its good and I'll be praying for you brother thank you for your info. With lots of love Carla