Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Truth--A New Beginning


                The other day, I posted on this website, my blog, and sent emails to my list saying that I was going black and that I would be staying off of the internet for a while.  In all reality, I just wanted some that are keeping up with me to think that I was giving up.  I wanted to paint the picture that I was no longer investigating the Illuminati.  However, for the past two days, I have been participating in organization meetings under the disguise of a current member.  While I was meeting with one of my confidential sources, he disclosed to me the details of these meetings that are part of a larger organization convention.  He then proposed to me the idea of dressing up as one of my other sources and attending the meetings under his name.  In the days leading up to the convention, I knew that my name would be brought up when the most supreme leaders met, so I wanted them to feel as if I was no longer an issue.  I tried to do this by saying that I was “going dark,” and it worked perfectly.  My name was brought up during the meetings, but they spoke of me much less than they would have if I would have appeared active more and more leading up to the convention. 

                The meetings were part of the organizations annual policy meetings that occur at the beginning of every fiscal year.  As the new fiscal year officially starts tomorrow, the meetings were held this weekend.  With the healthcare ruling, Holder contempt charges, Euro Finals, and the Eurozone deal, it was a perfect weekend for the meetings because the people’s eyes were everywhere else. 

                This year, the meetings were held in Little Rock, Arkansas at the FBI Field Office located in that city.  Those in attendance were President Obama (notice that he was in Colorado on Friday, but his plane did not come back to Washington; he stopped in Little Rock), Dick Cheney, Angela Merkel, and Dmitry Medvedev.  Other participants were compromised of the organization’s policy committee which is composed of 45 members and the Supreme Council which is made up of 15 members from a different nation.  We hired a professional make up artist to make me look exactly like my source who is a member of the committee.  I attended the entire weekend acting as him.

I learned more about the occurrences of September 11 than I ever have before.  The attacks were not scheduled to be discussed at the meetings, but some developments that surfaced on Tuesday of last week cause the issue to be placed on the meeting docket. 

On Tuesday, a former CIA field operative was found dead in Baghdad, Iraq.  Usually, this would not be a big deal, but this specific operative was used during the planning of the 9/11 attacks, and he was as far under cover as an agent can be.  Someone compromised him.  They left a note with his body saying that they had obtained the information they needed.  From all information gathered, it seems as if the forces that murdered the agent were members of al-Assad’s paramilitary group.

The organization has attempted to contact al-Assad all weekend, but he refuses to talk right now.  It is feared that he will divulge the information that he has obtained, and if he does, his little project in Syria will look like a walk in the park compared to what this agent knew.

In August of 2000, this agent graduated from The Farm which serves as the CIA’s training facility.  He had scored in the top of his class, and it was decided that he would serve as the head operative agent on Project Timber.  His job would be to recruit, train, and oversee the al-Qaeda operatives who would carry out the hijackings on September 11,2001.

Project Timber was the codename of the entire plan.  It was so named because the buildings “would fall like timber” and “serve like timber to a fire, making it burn brighter.”  As I have told you before, the plan involved the crashing of two planes into the Twin Towers which has already been rigged by explosives, the launching of a missile from a nuclear sub in the Atlantic towards the Pentagon, and the deliberate crashing of a plane into a PA field.  The planes would be hijacked by recruited al-Qaeda agents.

This CIA Agent, whose name it is impossible to know, worked for a year to recruit and train several agents from the Middle East.  He put them through flight school, trained them to board the plane and perform the hijacking, and notified them of what they were supposed to do once they were piloting the planes. 
The reason that the organization is so concerned about the murder of this agent is because of the superior to which this agent answered directly.  On a weekly basis, this agent would have a phone conversation with Dick Cheney to notify him of any developments and to assure the former Vice President that everything was going as planned.   Subsequently, Cheney would notify James Carter of Black Water, the former security firm.  Black Water was in charge of rigging the Twin Towers with explosives in the days leading up to the attacks.  James Carter, whose identity has since been completely erased from the books,  was assigned by Karl Rove to oversee that Cheney was doing his job.  Rove did not completely trust Cheney, and he wanted to ensure that everything was running smoothly.

If al-Assad releases the information that both Cheney and Rove were behind the September 11 attacks, then the United States will lose all credibility in the world.  The September 11attacks were never directly planned and executed by the Illuminati.  That was more the idea of Cheney and Bush to create public support for establishing a military arm in the Middle East before the organization was ready to.  However, during the planning process, the plan leaked and the organization became involved.  At this point, the United States was too far into the plan to turn back.  Too many loose ends would have been taken care of.  The organization went ahead and gave Bush the green light, but never fully sanctioned it.  If this information becomes public, then several that were angry with Bush for pursuing the plans will see that they were right all along and the United States was wrong.  At this time, the organization cannot afford to have discontent among the key players.  They would much rather keep everything quiet.

This is where I come in.  al-Assad has been promised that his country will not be invaded as long as he keeps quiet about what he knows.  However, as soon as he opens his mouth, NATO will bomb him all the way to Allah.  However, the Illuminati has nothing to promise me. 

In all reality, my name is not Walt.  It has never been.  That was a pseudonym that I used when I first started to tell my story.  I have been covering my tracks all the way until now.  Currently, there is no possible way for the organization to know exactly who I am or where I am.  Including me, there are 7 living people that have performed the Departure Ritual.  As of yesterday, I have contacted all 7 people and told them that I was going to publicly air this information and also give the information that there are 7 of us. 
I need to tell you the importance of that one key piece of information, the fact that there are 7 of us.
It is important because the organization did not think that any of us were alive.  The way that the organization carries out the Departure Ritual is this:

                You are brought before the Supreme Council and you must officially declare your desire to leave the organization.  Then, the organization rounds up all of your living family members and kills them while forcing you to watch.  They kill every member of your family and leave you alive.  To them, that is punishment enough for your sins of breaking the bonds of the organization.  Before, when I mentioned that my wife was in a car accident, I was lying to throw them off my trail.  I knew that if they say me mention my wife, they would be convinced that I was lying because they knew they had already killed her.  After killing your entire family, they allow you to live for a year, to see what life is alike with everyone that you had loved murdered.  It is the worst torture imaginable.  Then, after a year, you are placed in a retaining room for another year while they attempt to perform mind-altering experimentation on you.  They attempt to psychologically break you.  Some make it through this stage, others don’t.  Luckily, I did.  After they are done with the testing, they place you in their underground prison beneath Denver, Colorado.  You are lowered down into a hole, roughly 300 yards in the ground to a dungeon with seemingly no entry or exit.  Once a day, they parachute down food.  They never check to see whether you are dead or alive.  In previous years, there has not been a dead prisoner for a decade at a time, but they drop food every day because they are completely oblivious to who is still down there.

You see, when you are performing the ritual, you are told that after all of the pain, you will be free.  That is a lie.  They never intend to let you go.  Instead, they stick you in a hole and forget about you, never again having contact with you. 

When I arrived in the dungeon, there were five other people down there.  I recognized many that I had known from all of my years in the organization.  We were told they had died for numerous reasons, but they had really been in the dungeon for all of this time after deciding to Depart the organization.  I was down there with them for two years, and then another prisoner arrived.  However, this prisoner was different from the others.  He had known about the dungeon and already had a way to get us out.  His great grandfather had actually designed an old subterranean rail system that ran adjacent to the dungeon.  While constructing the rail system, the designer’s team accidentally drilled into the dungeon and saw the remains of people who had died in the dungeon.   The workers were killed during a tunnel collapse the next month, but the designer was given a free pass in return for selling his soul and the souls of his son and future grandson to the Illuminati.  The man who was lowered into the dungeon that day, the seventh person, knew about the rail system that ran just feet away from one of the walls of the dungeon in which we were imprisoned.  We spent months using rocks and hand crafted tools to shovel our way through the dungeon wall and into the abandoned tunnel system.  We followed the tunnel system for miles to an old warehouse in a rural Colorado town.  The tunnel was originally used for leaders to enter Denver without being seen.

After exiting the system, we all split off from the group.  We all had different contacts that we were going to pursue in order to try to survive and keep our identities hidden from the organization.  Until the Illuminati reads this specific letter, they will not know that I was truly in the organization.  I have been vague with all of you to this point in order to allow myself time to work out my contacts and to ensure my security as soon as I fully begin to reveal my identity.  You see, until this day, the organization still believes that the 7 of us who escaped are either still in the dungeon or have died down there.   Most likely, someone will be lowered into the dungeon immediately after this message is read to see who is exactly in the dungeon.  When it is discovered that 7 people are missing, the Illuminati will have a full blown crisis on its hands.

That being said, the organization will have a very hard time tracking where the 7 of us are because we have not officially existed for years and years.  The newest leads that the Illuminati will have as to our locations or identities will be extremely outdated.  For now, we are all safe.  I have not had direct contact with any of the other 6 for a very long time.  The two contacts that I have secured are still currently in the organization, and I am putting my full faith and trust that they will not turn me into the organization.  I am taking a leap of faith my disclosing my identity and location to them, but I have to take a shot in order to begin to reveal the information that can eventually save us all.

I have to go now.  My flight is leaving soon.  Once I return to the United States, I will give you the latest updates on the September 11 leak and the situation with al-Assad.  Also, by that time the organization will be looking for me as well as the other six, and I will be able to tell you whether I am safe for now or not.  In all reality, I might not make it all the way back to the United States.  I am unsure how easily I will be able to be tracked, but I have faith that it will be very hard.  For instance, I am writing this message from Rome, but by the time the delay-posting software release this letter, I will be long gone on one of three flights that I have already bought tickets for.  I have not yet even decided what flight I am taking.  I will not decide until the moment I am walking towards the gates.

Goodbye for now my friends.  I hope I will speak to you soon.


  1. Didn't you say you had 4 grandchildren? Were they killed?

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  2. you are full of shit. no illuminated person would spend a year sketchily doing story telling.
    give up the act, anyone that believes this pile of manure is irrational and dying to believe in the conspiracy. your story telling has repeats such as i lied about that other thing because of this thing. that is a cheap way out in altering your story. you suck. at one point i was convinced of you, but now i am not. you were at meetings in arkansas, then go to rome only to go back in a day or less? who the hell does that? you need to quit fooling these people. its mean, manipulative, and forming paranoia in the minds of anyone who buys into it. STOP.ASS.HOLE.

  3. im jus playin walt head, do as you please :D

  4. THIS is the kind of stupidity that enslaves the American poor. Obama and Cheney in cahoots? You don't know your politics, semantics, language, history. You are pandering to the misinformed right-winged poor: the most lied -to and malleable population in our country. I bet you are no older than 20?
    I read your post when my 12 yo child asked me about Illuminati b/c she saw a nutty YouTube conspiracy video. It is all scare and no concrete explanation. I normally don't read or post to this crap, but if I see one more reference to Obama as satan or the like I'm gonna puke.

  5. I have emailed you twice. Hopefully you have time to read & respond to each. I have many questions and I feel you may have answers. If not, you may at the very least be about to point me towards someone who does have answers. Thank you for your time.

  6. WALT. where are you? if u are dedicated to your supposed cause then time is short, this month is a significant turning point of the future of our planet so get your fucking arse in gear and release what u know in absolute full!

  7. Walt/OP/Sir Illuminati,

    I know the illuminati is true. I know 2012 is doomed. And if i am along with the entire world is going to get fucked. I atleast want to know why and how. I know its unstoppable. I know they are really cool and control everything. And i am really trying to find out ATLEAST the motive.

    You SIR, are shitting. For the past one year you havent given us any 'information' on anything. Instead of justifying and gathering an audience and travelling with 3 air tickets to conceal where you are and who you are. Why dont you simply type in everything - i mean everything you want to say - in one god damn letter with post delay submit or whatever. Then travel the world hiding, need be. Atleast the game of Cat & Mouse will be over.
    Your contacts, your bullshit, and your whatever need not risk so much for so long. Dont give us a IN on current things - tell us what you know already about this forsaken year, denver, olympics and NWO. ONE POST AND GET DONE WITH IT.

    You are more focussed on establishing a network from 'god production' to 'youtube' to 'blogspot'. Really? thats how important this is. You are channeling 3 ways of tracking you down to release one single point of information that can kill you?!

    @Milos - stop wasting your time on Sir Walt. There is far more TRUE and SENSIBLE information people are letting out on the internet. This guy is just wasting out time and misleading people with story telling when we sincerely and really want to know the truth.

    Walt, at the least, respect the fact that people are trying (regardless of whether they are idiots or wisemen to believe) to find out some sense in this web of conspiracies.
    Let Them, for their own satisfaction. STOP MISLEADING AND PLAYING TELL-A-TALE for over a year.

    1. Perhaps your right. I'm highly disappointed, yet not entirely shocked. I guess I need to turn somewhere else for answers. Where would be the best place to look up information on the John Birch Society?

    2. How do you disguise yourself as someone else? That's so stupid. He hired a make-up artist to make him look like his source? WTF. That's so fuckin retarded. Make-up doesn't shape your facial structure and make you look like someone else. I'm the biggest conspiracy person I know, but this is just incredibly stupid.

  8. next forum post is going to be... "hey its walt, illuminati killed me, but luckily i had some connects with the demons in hell and they sent my soul back up into someones body. but while i was in hell i talked to some contacts. tomorrow will be a rainy day somewhere in the u.s.a. so be looking for a rainy day. it will happen. also i made another contact who informed me about some really interesting stuff concerning warren buffet and the colorado massacre. but i have to wait for satans approval before i can release any more information. thank you everybody, and i am glad to still be alive in my grandmothers body! hope you are all doing well in this doomed and evilly controlled world that has convinced you that you dont have control over your own destiny. i have been typing for a few minutes now and my fingers are getting sore, also my ass hole is starting to heart as well from all the bull shit i have been typing. im going to play world of warcraft now then plant some flowers in my garden. (salvia) then i will take some more acid to come up with my next big bull shit. wish you all well. bye now.

  9. I get more info from neing hooked tonthe right Tweets and just YouTube... It takes me less time to look at all the news and films and docs out there and filter out the crap, to find out more than I have in one year of following Walt.
    I'm ashamed of myself for even coming here again where I could be spending so much time reading and following simple groups, that by the way are now in hundreds and actuall do something and reveal facts!
    Walt... Lomg story short, your too slow and no way up to date anymore... Even the illuminati owned news companies are posting more secrets every day into the open under sections such as 'also in the news today' than you are :( you have been overtaken and in my opinion out done in a much more spiritual and positive manner... It's sad!
    Just noticed a couple of mistakes there... Sorry for that... But it's my big Alien fingers on this tiny screen....

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  11. You say during the ritual to get out, they killed all living members of your family while you watched. But before you stated that you had a wife and grandchildren, which also means your kids are alive so you're obviously lying. I believed this at first but after I thought it over, you really havent said anything true thats happened yet, how are we supposed to know what you're saying about 9/11 is true? If you are not bullshitting, then write one post, once and for all, explaining everything, stop beating around the bush and tell us whats gonna happen and whats going on if you claim to know everything. If you want to "warn us" and want us to "open our eyes" were all eyes and ears, just stop giving us all this bs and give us something meaningful.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. We are waiting to hear from you Walt! I do think it's a coincidence that storms are heading toward Florida at the same time the republican convention is going on. Maybe Haarp??

  14. Not one bit of what this person (Walt) has written, is true. Not on this site or the other one. I've been reading the interview/testimony of a woman who tells a completely different story altogether and has the collaborated testimony of others as well.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi Walt,
    Please come back and update us on what is going on the people who don't believe you are going too be doomed
    And don't really matter. But you need too keep the people that do believe updated!.
    You have alot more people then you know of that are waiting for you too blog again.
    I have been reading everything posted by you and only just signed up too be
    Able to ask you too please post again there are alot of other people that aren't signed up too comment that
    Would like you to blog.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. He's put up a video two days ago. An upside down American flag with no volume and it's on the screen for a few seconds and it ends. The title of the video is, "Untitled".

  19. You can only find it on his YouTube channel. I will note the upside down American flag is the official symbol of American distress, you can find more here:

  20. Proof this guy is a fake (I'm posting this on the main sources of this guy):

    Go to this guy's YouTube page and voice record his very first video titled, "I WAS IN THE ILLUMINATI...NOW I AM TELLING ALL". I would recommend using the free app for the IPhone called "Voice Alter". Any voice recording editor will do as long as it has "pitch" control capabilities. Now *increase* the pitch of the voice you recorded from that video.

    This guy cannot be older than 20 years old, let alone around the age of 66 which he says.

    You all have been duped by a kid.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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