Friday, June 29, 2012

Going Dark

I have decided to go dark for awhile.  No one seems to want to hear my story.   Goodbye.


  1. WALT! I am very interested in your story and everything you have to say, I have sent you an email re: the olympics and many other matters.
    I am also very proactive in informing others and preventing them from their blindness.
    Please read and respond, we could have a very productive relationship.

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  2. Walt I also am intesested in the truth please keep posting and forget about all the people who put u down please what u say I know is true and fact and I thank you for doing this for us and be safe

  3. I am very interested too. Please continue to reveal info that you know.

  4. Maybe your not getting enough replies or responses because not a lot of people know about this site. You should post the link to GLP and also try to spread the word in other ways. I will try to help.

  5. Walt I will try to write you every day because I'm interested in what you know I am only 18 and I really don't know politics and I was kinda hoping Romney would win but seeing how the supreme court decided that even though obama care was unjust and still voted for it I don't think that Romney has a chance and the illuminate has all the controll in this one so I decided not to vote and give that right up due to the unjust ways our government has been with these laws. I soon believe America will either split into two different united states or the people will rise up and try to take the government back I won't to know what your imput is and also anybody else can comment on this matter

  6. "I have decided to go dark for awhile. No one seems to want to hear my story. Goodbye."

    Have you sat down to analyze that? Do you know why no one seems interested in your stories? Because you give us information that is unreliable. Like "something big this month is coming".

    For once and FOR ALL, you could EASILY prove all your stories by simply giving us advanced knowledge of an event, date & time.

    Do not get me wrong though, I try to keep an open-mind. A lot of people role-play in your position and when they get busted, they just say it was "cold entertainment".

    So far, I have NOT seen a sign that this might be a cold entertainment (well, that IS cold entertainment, ironically).

    This person (Walt) is:

    A) NOT Selling anything (merchandise, books, etc)
    b) NOT promoting anything (advertising)
    c) NOT creating a religion or a cult
    d) The fact that this blog seems very amateurish gives him a big plus. Seems like he is ONLY interested in spreading out information.

    Now the last logical/rational explanation could be as I mentioned: COLD ENTERTAINMENT. Mostly, people who are sick in their head do this. Like the one GLP busted this week (Dr Sal from NASA).

    Again, people may not post comments here because they simply do not want to be one of the naive people who believed you if in fact, you are a fraud. Most people have mentioned that the information you give us, is one of the most important information on Earth at the moment. So yes Walt, people need a bit of credibility. Telling people "buzz off, I don't care if you believe me or not" is not helping your agenda. Give us an event, time and date or anything.

    Just give us anything!

    Cheers - T

  7. I am interested in what you have said. I think people expect there so be some sort of "cast in stone" plan and fail to realize that even the Illuminati are human beings and can not control everyone or everything and events will be in a state of flux as it were.

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  9. Walt, we want to hear your story! The people at GPL were some of the most ignorant responses I have ever seen! The truth must be told!!

  10. the 13 family , stargate, nuclear power illuminati, power of money, media, projet mk the black horse...

  11. Walt? You story is not easy to find. Had to trail here.

  12. I do think it's a coincidence that storms are heading toward Florida at the same time the republican convention is going on.
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