Thursday, June 21, 2012

Updated Information

I recently spent time traveling in South America where some of my closest friends from my past life now reside.  I spent much time with them and gathered an ample supply of information concerning the present situation.

Let me run you up to speed.

In April of 1980, I traveled to Germany for a Bilderberg meeting.  This year was an important meeting because of the likelihood of a collapsing Soviet Union.

Towards the close of the meeting, Ronald Reagan stood and began to address those that were attending.  He spoke of a time when the rivalry of the United States and the former Soviet Union would be reignited by far away troubles.  He commented on how the American public would expect a confrontation between the two powers for so long, that it would surprise them when the confrontation actually occurred.

I have reason to believe that the current situation in Syria is the stage from that final confrontation.

My friends confirmed that Mubarak will remain alive and well, but the public will be told that he is in a coma most likely to maintain instability in the region.

The situation in Egypt matched with the Syrian crisis is a perfect time for Illuminati action.  It seems that Russia will continue to back the Syrian government, but America will not begin to show their force until Russia actively takes part in the suppression of the rebellion.

When these two powers clash, it might not be violently at first.  Things would happen much too fast for the liking of the Illuminati.  Expect another shorter Cold War to occur.

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