Thursday, June 28, 2012


                I have had many people ask me why they should believe the things that I have said.  People call me a clown, call me a liar, call me a fake, and call me a failure.  They say that I am just some lunatic that is making things up, pretending to be someone that was in the Illuminati for almost five decades.

                Here is why you should listen to me.

                Have I been wrong?  About anything?  Have I presented any information that can be refuted?

                I always have people commenting on posts or sending me emails disputing the information that I have given, but these people are the people that are the most wrong.  How are you going to refute someone who witnessed the actions of the Illuminati first hand?  How are you going to tell me that you are right, yet I am wrong?
                There is a lot of misinformation in the world.  There are a ton of lies, stories, and false testimonies.  There are many people who have been led to slaughter in the sense that they hold beliefs that are simply not true.
                I am begging you.  Throw down the ideas and lies that you have been told, and wake up.  Hear the truth.  Hear the plans.  Hear the actions that are going to affect YOUR LIVES.

                You can attack me all that you want.  You can call me every name in the book, but there is one thing that all of your attacks will not change.  I AM RIGHT. 

                I know that I am right, and I have many people that email me on a daily basis that believe that I am right, and these are the people that are truly informed.  These are the people who are accurately preparing for what is coming.  These are the people who have been enlightened.

Everyone else that calls me a failure and a liar, you are all still in the dark.  You all have no idea of the storm that is coming.  You are blind to the truth when I am placing it right in front of your face.

                I will no longer attempt to capture your attention.  You have had plenty of time to decide for yourself whether you are going to heed my warnings or not.  The fact of the matter is this:  It is YOUR OWN PROBLEM if you refuse to give me the time to voice my warnings.  You will be the one that will suffer for your decisions, not I.


  1. "These are the people who have been enlightened."

    Hoh, so these are the new initiates for the Illuminati?

    1. your ignorance and naïvety is astounding. you are a blind person content with living without the gift of light. your place willbe shown for i will not fall in the shit thats about to happen. its as obvious as receding waters before the tsunami.

  2. if you are saying what you really are??? isnt the illuminati have already controlled the world and the INTERNET? Dont they have the ability to track you down? And might as well remove this website? And already killed YOU? Therefore, who the hell are you? arent you or this thing one of their conspiracies too... I want to believe you?! should I? or should I not?

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