Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out Of The Country

Hello everyone,

I am currently out of the country, meaning the United States.  I am traveling for both business and for pleasure.

I am meeting two of my friends that are still currently in the organization, and I am hoping that I can secure both of them as informants.

If I am successful, then we will have two real time links into the Illuminati and will be entirely knowledgeable about their plans.

 I know many people have voiced concern over how both myself and my friends are not dead thus far due to our works in exposing the Illuminati for what it really is.  Here is my answer to that:  Both myself and my friends are very smart people that have spent many years in the organization.  We know how to skirt around the organization and protect our identity and make sure that we stay out of the eyes of the organization.

Please do not be concerned.  I am keeping safe, and I am ensuring that my friends are as well.

Though they are my long time friends, I will have to show them that I am entirely committed to exposing the Illuminati so that they can trust me.

As of now, I am arriving in my location, and my first meeting with my friends in scheduled for in the morning.

I will update you with the results. 

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