Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

I have been talking about this case with several people and have had some interesting conversations.

First of all, let me say.  George Zimmerman is not guilty of murder.  He defended himself based on existing Florida law.  Look at the facts, the prosecution has no evidence that can convict Zimmerman of murder.

EVERYTHING checks out.  Zimmerman's eyewitness account, his injuries sustained during the incident, and now the lie detector test.  Frankly, I do not even know why they are still holding George Zimmerman in jail on these charges.  I guess only to appease the public.

Here is my prediction:

There is no way that an unbiased jury convicts George Zimmerman. Now, if the jury contains a majority of blacks, then we could be in for a hung jury.  This is simply a racial incidence.  I think that everyone knows that George Zimmerman is not guilty.  The case is fueled entirely by one demographic of America continuously arguing that they are oppressed, and they are using this incident to further this argument.

When Zimmerman is acquitted, we will see riots like we did in the Rodney King case.  This will be used by the government to further the racial tensions between blacks and whites (therefore furthering Obama's agenda of class warfare).  Also, it will provide grounds for the institution of martial law.

Simply put, it is a mistake to go on with trial simply because it would enrage Black America if the charges were dropped.  In the end, the powers that be are going to use the entire situation to force their hand even more.

If the case was dropped today, we would be taking away that possibility.


  1. i thought the Illuminati disliked black people...so why have a black Illuminati president?

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