Monday, June 25, 2012


Below is another leaked memo.  A friend of mine found this file on his computer and passed it on to me.

MEMO: October 29, 2007
Meeting Summary

      The Policy Directive Committee Meeting began at 9:03 A.M. in Sydney, Australia on the morning of October 29,2007.  Present was a quorum of 17 members including the Chair and Vice Chair.  Protocol was followed as directed in Guideline C.
      Topic of meeting was subliminal messaging in 2008 Olympics.  Honorable Gentleman from Chicago maintained that the messaging work to encourage American/European global intervention in areas such as Africa and the Middle East.  Honorable Gentleman from Beijing insisted that he hold majority authority in all decisions made.
      Honorable Gentleman from Berlin seconded the motion of the Honorable Gentleman from Beijing and the vote held 15-2 with the Honorable Gentleman from Chicago and the Honorable Gentleman from Paris opposing.
      The Honorable Gentleman from Beijing ended the meeting with the statement that messaging would go on as planned.  Honorable Gentleman from Moscow motioned that the committee also pursue the probing techniques mentioned in Brief 10-2 delivered on October 22,2007.  The Honorable Gentleman from Beijing seconded and the vote was unanimously passed.  The probing techniques will be implemented with Western Europe being the main focus for randomized testing grounds.


  1. Hi Walt, do you know more anout the 'probing' and what it is?

    1. My understanding is that it was a test to see how many people they could reach during the 2008 Olympics so that they could know what kind of message to prepare for the Olympics this year.

  2. What do your illuminati contacts say about time travel?

    1. time travel isnt true as it was totally impossible but i believe in haarp weather/disaster control device

    2. time travel isnt true as it was totally impossible but i believe in haarp weather/disaster control device

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