Thursday, June 28, 2012

Class Warfare And What Is Coming To America

After today's Supreme Court ruling, it is now clear to me.  The goal is to create class/racial/demographic warfare.

In my earlier theory, I proposed that the Supreme Court would strike down ObamaCare, and the reason would be to discredit Barack Obama to ensure that Mitt Romney becomes the next president.  Obviously, this did not occur.

To be honest, I was extremely surprised when I read the Supreme Court's decision.  I was sure that the moment had come to ensure that Obama was not popularly supported in reelection.

Now, my greatest fear is unfolding.  The Illuminati has decided to go forwards with the plan of class warfare in America.  It should have become clear earlier; everything that Barack Obama has done as president in the efforts to create this warfare.

This healthcare bill only solidifies the path to this state more and more.  Obama wants to play himself as the leader of the little people, fighting a battle against the elite.  In this upcoming election, it will be the lower class versus the upper class.  There is no longer a middle class.  The middle class has been dissolved.

When it becomes the upper class versus the lower class, warfare ensues.

I now know what the endgame for America is in the plans of the Illuminati.  I am working to confirm this suspicion with my contacts still inside the organization.

The endgame is Soviet style Communism.  The Illuminati want to enslave the American people.  I know that many have spread this theory before, but without a doubt I feel that it is coming to this.

The extension of the welfare state is to place the America people in a state of dependence on the federal government.  When the people become dependent, the government can assume more and more power.

What is unique in this situation is that there is not a revolution to institute the Communist state originating from the lower class.  Instead, the upper class portraying themselves as on the lower class' side (Obama, Pelosi, Liberals) are leading the revolution for them to ensure a smooth transition that will occur with the majority of the public oblivious to their actions.

Then, just like in Soviet style Communism, the Illuminati will take control and be the masters of the slaves who are now helpless, dependent, and know no better.

This is occurring as we speak.  I hate that it took the ObamaCare ruling to make me realize it.

When I get confirmation of this plan, I will share more with you.

Be safe.  Do not believe the lies.  DO NO BECOME DEPENDENT



    does this look familiar to you at all?

  2. So true! You wrote this four years ago and it is happening now Mr. Walt.

  3. So true! You wrote this four years ago and it is happening now Mr. Walt.

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  5. So true! You wrote this four years ago and it is happening now Mr. Walt.

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